Sub Surface Detection and mapping

Accurate and reliable technology for mapping buried utilities, structural health inspection (SHM) and cable identification using Robotics, Radar and Industrial IoT

RUDI is an automated system designed to identify and map underground utilities, voids, and cavities beneath the surface

Sub-surface asset inspection and mapping

The MT100, our portable device, is capable of identifying electrical cables and metal pipelines. This user-friendly, all-terrain tool is designed for efficient and swift scanning.

Structural Health Monitoring

PURA is mounted on a wall climbing robot Crawler to perform structural inspection of buildings, dams, bridges and pillars


About Us

Aavrtti Technologies specializes in developing advanced technologies for detection, inspection and mapping of buried utilities and structures. Our innovative solutions enable efficient planning and execution of construction projects, minimizing the risk of damage to existing infrastructure. Our robotics platform along with Industrial IOT solutions enables a complete autonomous scan procedure.

person using MacBook Pro
person using MacBook Pro

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